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About Musashi Serenity Studio

Rita HuangSince 2016, Musashi Serenity Studio has been dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness through the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Sound Therapy, and holistic approaches in Charlotte, NC. Our practice is built on a passion for holistic healing and a commitment to empowering our clients on their wellness journeys.

Our Journey

After many years working in hospitality and holistic wellness industry, Rita Huang founded Musashi Serenity Studio with the vision of offering a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. In 2022 Rita received advanced sound therapist certificate. Rita draws from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as in her training and expertise in Sound Therapy, she has cultivated a practice that combines ancient healing modalities with modern techniques to support holistic well-being.

Our Approach

At Musashi Serenity Studio, we believe that true healing begins by addressing the root causes of imbalance, rather than just treating symptoms. Through personalized consultations and tailored treatment plans, we work collaboratively with our clients to identify their unique health goals and develop holistic strategies to achieve them. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, stress management techniques, or support on your journey to wellness, We are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Our Services

We specialize in a range of holistic modalities, including:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): From ear/navel candling, essential oil divination and moxibustion therapy, we offer a variety of TCM therapies to restore balance and vitality to the body.
  • Sound Therapy: Harnessing the power of sound vibrations and frequencies, our Sound Therapy sessions promote relaxation, stress relief, and emotional well-being, fostering a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit.
  • Holistic Wellness: In addition to our specialized modalities, we provide holistic wellness services and resources to support overall well-being, including nutritional counseling, lifestyle recommendations, and mindfulness practices.

Our Commitment

At Musashi Serenity Studio, we are deeply committed to the well-being of our clients and the communities we serve. Our practice is founded on principles of compassion, integrity, and empowerment, and we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels supported on their healing journey.

Join Us on the Path to Wellness

Whether you’re embarking on your wellness journey for the first time or seeking to deepen your existing practices, we invite you to join me at Musashi Serenity Studio. Together, let’s explore the transformative power of holistic healing and unlock your potential for vibrant health and vitality.

New Client Special Offer

Free Ear or Navel Candling

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